UNDP-supported CSO hubs become winners of the 4th Best Annual Report Award

Kyiv, 10 July 2015 – Donetsk branch of the Committee of Voters of Ukraine and Kherson Community Fund "Zakhyst" scored second and third respectively in the 4th Best Annual Report Awards, organized by CCC Creative Centre with support of the Democratization and Human Rights Programme in Ukraine (DHRP), implemented by UNDP and funded by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark.

The award is a unique competition and stimulus aimed at encouraging appropriate level of transparency and openness on behalf of civil society organizations and enhancing the level of public trust in CSOs and charities by rewarding the efforts of non-profit organizations in their strive for excellence in producing annual reports. The competition was open to officially registered civic associations, charitable organizations, and civil society organizations from Ukraine.
Since its start in 2011, the award has attracted 48 organizations from all over Ukraine, according to Volodymyr Kuprii, Executive Director of CCC Creative Centre. It speaks in support of a growing tendency toward a greater transparency and accountability on behalf of civil society and an enhanced realization of such demand by civic organizations vis-à-vis the current challenges and requirements.
"Not all organizations are similar in scale and scope of their activities, and they cannot be evaluated equally, so we have three categories in our competition. The first category is for organizations from small and remote settlements. The second category is for organizations countrywide with under UAH 1 million annual funding. And one more category is for organizations with over UAH 1 million annual budget," Mr. Kuprii said.
17ad381f-e74d-462e-86c6-893c2d617356DHRP-supported regional CSO hubs scooped this year's competition. Donetsk branch of the Committee of Voters of Ukraine was among the runners-up, while Kherson Community Fund "Zakhyst" scored third. Kirovohrad "Territory of Success" CSO (another DHRP-supported hub) was awarded a consolation prize for making it to the pool of the next best scoring competitors.
These organizations are part of the DHRP-launched support programme to 8 Ukraine's regional mid-size leader CSOs (hubs) striving to transform internally, become embodiments of the principles they advocate, and ultimately lead the other organizations forwards.
During a year of core support provided by DHRP, hubs rebooted their Boards according to democratic principles; doubled their budgets using local fundraising and good planning; increased number of volunteers; improved their management and procurement procedures; became more open and transparent in their respective communities and even became prize winners for their dedication to pursue accountability and transparency.