Voznesensk Community Foundation wins the Best CSOs Annual Report Award

On 25 December, the Best Annual Report award ceremony was organized by CCC Creative Center in cooperation with UNDP within the Democratization, Human rights and Civil Society Development Programme funded by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark.

The award is a unique competition and stimulus aimed at encouraging appropriate level of transparency and openness on behalf of civil society organizations and enhancing the level of public trust in CSOs and charities by rewarding non-profit organizations for their best annual reports. The competition was open to officially registered associations, charitable organizations, and civil society organizations from Ukraine.
The large number of CSOs was evaluated by the jury panel for the award in this competition, comprising public officials, civic activists, representatives of donor organizations, and media sector representatives. The winners were announced during the ceremony at the "Pause" Free Space café in Kyiv.
Voznesensk Community Foundation was selected a winner based on the consented and collective decision of the jury. Scooping the overall first position for the best annual report, Voznesensk Community Foundation beats Strengthening Communities Foundation to second position and the Open Hearts Foundation to third.
Active participation of organizations in the contest demonstrated their commitment to transparency and openness through willingness to make their reports public and inform about their activities, achievements, expenditures, etc.
This is already a third annual competition with its recent release in 2014 speaking of a tendency toward a growing greater transparency and accountability on behalf of civil society and an enhanced realization of such demand by civic organizations vis-à-vis the current challenges and requirements.