Let'sCreateChanges program develops leadership competencies of young people

Let’sCreateChanges is a Program for Training Public Initiatives Managers which aims at developing the leadership competencies of young people from small cities and towns of Ukraine, and at implementing social and anti-corruption projects through fostering cooperation between the community, business and government.

Overall in 2019 more than 3,100 people from 14 settlements were involved in the initiative.

“We believe that small towns and villages in Ukraine have a lot of potential,” emphasized Andriy Sydorenko, Let’sCreateChange project manager, at the final presentation of the project, which took place on 26 September 2019 in Kyiv.

“After all, Ukrainians who create changes live here. In 2019 alone, we supported implementation of 15 community projects and dozens of personal initiatives, having engaged 10,000 citizens in the Let’sCreateChanges project,” Sydorenko said.

“Today, the level of civic participation among the population remains at 7 percent, which is quite low,” added Oksana Kosenko, Civil Society Specialist at UNDP Ukraine. “At the same time, almost 60 percent of young people are ready to make changes in their communities. I’ve been really impressed with the results achieved by the Let’sCreateChanges project. Through this initiative, like-minded people have united in their communities and brought about positive changes.”

The Let’sCreateChanges project is being implemented for the second year in a row by the Open Space Team, with the support of Global Project Partners under the Eastern Partnership program of the German Foreign Ministry. In 2019, the program was supported by the United Nations Development Program (UNDP).