opening of the Civic Participation Academy in Zhytomyr on 19-20 September 2019

“Zhytomyr has become a leader in governance innovation in Ukraine by adopting in 2019 the new Zhytomyr City Territorial Community Charter, and by creating new avenues for participation,” said Marcus Brand at the opening of the Civic Participation Academy, which takes place in Zhytomyr on 19-20 September 2019.

“However, it should be emphasized that the charter will be successful only when citizens start to actively use new participatory democracy tools in policy making.”

Thirty-five public servants and 30 representatives of NGOs are mastering ways for the authorities and civil society to cooperate in developing inclusive policies through the implementation of the provisions of the new Zhytomyr Territorial Community Charter.

"The Academy of Public Participation provides an opportunity for members of the public and civil servants to understand in greater detail how to use the tools of direct democracy, namely, general meetings, public hearings, local initiatives, consultations, public expertise, as defined in the Zhytomyr City Territorial Community Charter," said Zhanna Solovyova, from NGO Modern Format.

The Civic Participation Academy is organized by the Council of Europe in cooperation with UNDP and in partnership with Zhytomyr City Council.