Ministry of Health officials trained to prevent conflicts of interest

Line managers at the Ministry of Health of Ukraine are now equipped with sound knowledge to prevent conflicts of interest.

prescriptionKyiv, 10 October 2016 – The Ministry of Health's staff were briefed today on how to prevent conflicts of interest, by UNDP Ukraine and the National Agency on Corruption Prevention (NACP) - a newly established institution responsible for settling and preventing conflicts of interest and corruption, as well as designing anti-corruption policies for Ukraine.
During the workshop, representatives from the UNDP and NACP reviewed the responsibilities and rules preventing Ministry's employees from leveraging their official capacity to obtain personal privileges, as well as their liability for engaging in non-transparent practices leading to possible conflict of interests.
NAPC experts, Ihor Stepanov and Andriy Yaychuk, reminded officials' central role and duty in preventing conflicts of interest, and presented self-assessment tools to identify typical situations that may lead to a conflict of interest. UNDP expert, Robert Sivers, also covered general ethics and regulations governing the performance of public duty, including the basics of conflicts of interest.
bzd27rsg-1332474677"Conflict of interest is not a new phenomenon in Ukraine. Thankfully, the Law of Ukraine on Prevention of Corruption introduced a systematic approach to its regulation two years ago, which led the National Agency on Corruption Prevention to develop the first substantial methodological recommendations on preventing and resolving conflicts of interest. It is now time to make them known to those officials most concerned by such conflicts," commented Robert Sivers.
UNDP remains committed to help Ukraine enhance its national capacity to build honest and transparent government system, notably through the prevention of conflicts of interest to ultimately build effective and accountable institutions, as called for by the Sustainable Development Goal on Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions.