Open University of Reforms: bringing anti-corruption dimension to the reform agenda

Kyiv, 21 October 2015 – The Reanimation Package of Reforms held the Open University of Reforms aimed to provide civic activists with the specialized knowledge and practical skills they need to reform the country.

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This fall, 45 civic activists took part in the Open University of Reforms, a joint educational initiative of the Reanimation Package of Reforms and Media Law Institute. During this 3-month educational project, attendees have an opportunity to participate in lectures, training sessions, meetings with experts and journalists, to do internship at the Reanimation Package of Reforms (RPR), and to develop their own projects.
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One of three main areas of the University is devoted to the means of combating and preventing corruption. The University's anti-corruption experts focus on national and international experiences in tackling corruption by anti-corruption agencies and the civil society, especially in the spheres of government procurement, administrative services, and politics.
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During one of the University's working sessions, UNDP Digital Governance, Transparency and Accountability Expert Halyna Kokhan presented an overview of the United Nations' work in the anti-corruption sphere in Ukraine and elaborated on the United Nations Convention against Corruption.
"UNCAC is one of the most important achievements in the global fight against corruption. To date, 177 states parties confirm their commitment to reduce corruption in their countries," she emphasised. 
12180985 10153645258570629 1807872450 oUnited Nations Development Programme in Ukraine has been working particularly closely with the RPR anti-corruption working group to advocate for a prompt and smooth launch of the National Agency for Prevention of Corruption. UNDP has also supported joint efforts of the Ministry of Justice and RPR experts in producing the National Anti-Corruption Action Plan to operationalize the National Anti-Corruption Strategy for 2015-2017. Moreover, in order to build anti-corruption capacities of local non-state actors, UNDP organised the first Ukrainian Anti-Corruption School for regional activists. Based on the outcomes of the Anti-Corruption School, an initiative to render seed-support was launched by UNDP to strengthen regional anti-corruption initiatives.
Getting to experience anti-corruption issues through the guidance of the experienced Open University of Reforms team, civic activists will be more empowered to elaborate and implement reforms in Ukraine.