Uniting efforts of the government, civic activists, and international experts to develop the National Human Rights Action Plan

Kyiv, 8 September 2015 – The Working Group on the National Human Rights Strategy implementation held its first meeting to launch Ukraine's first-ever National Human Rights Action Plan (NAP).

 DSC6477The development of NAP is a crucial step in implementing the National Human Rights Strategy (NHRS), adopted on 25 August 2015. The Presidential Decree mandates to operationalize the adopted visionary document through an Action Plan within a three-month term.
The goal of NAP is to bring a real impact on people's lives. A key to success is effective coordination across a wide range of stakeholders. The best results can be achieved when the Government, the Ombudsperson, international organizations, and NGOs work together to bring positive changes to the lives of rights-holders.
 DSC6476"The government continues to unite the efforts of non-governmental human rights organizations and international experts to develop the National Human Rights Action Plan," noted First Deputy Minister of Justice Natalia Sevostianova during the meeting.
"Neither we nor the Government will decide what proposals to include in the Plan. The process is coordinated by the Government, but this is Ukrainian people's Strategy. It must be written by representatives of human rights organizations and experts who are directly involved in the specific areas," said First Deputy Minister of Justice.
In this regard, the Ministry of Justice decided to divide the Working Group into six thematic sub-groups responsible for different areas of the document: personal (civic) rights; political rights; socio-economic and other rights (including child protection, social protection, and access to medical assistance); preventing and countering discrimination, gender equality; right to education and increasing awareness on human rights; and new challenges. The last one covers protection of IDPs and people residing in non-Government-controlled areas and temporary occupied territories.
 DSC6475Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Serhiy Kyslytsia informed about the plans to engage international organizations to help Ukraine in the development of the National Human Rights Action Plan.
Civil society and international organizations representatives are invited to participate in the thematic sub-groups. UNDP's "Democratization and Human Rights in Ukraine" project is to provide expert support to the NAP development and implementation monitoring processes.
 DSC6474The sub-groups are envisioned as multi-stakeholder platforms for dialogue and consultation involving non-state actors that will allow views of society at large to be heard. It can be an important tool for the international community to identify areas of cooperation and ensure effective and coordinated support to state institutions.
The Action Plan is to be clearly connected to all the existing Government's programmes, Parliamentary Coalition Agreement and agreed with the other obligations of authorities in this area. It will ensure the effective implementation of the Plan.