Reforms en Route: the RPR tour comes to end

Sumy, 20 July - Sumy City Council hosted an expert discussion "Reforms en Route: how changes in legislation will affect the life of Sumy citizens" for representatives of the Reanimation Package of Reforms civic initiative (RPR), local authorities, and communities. Sumy was the last city of the 'Reforms en Route' RPR Ukrainian tour, which covered all major cities in Ukraine.

AdobePhotoshopExpress 91a64d51fa7a4130b8755cd98d8a74e5"Regional meetings are very important for the Reanimation Package of Reforms. Ideas, draft laws, and everything that RPR offers has not to come only from 350 experts, even if they might be the best experts in Ukraine. All issues should be discussed with citizens on the ground. We want to present ideas from the whole Ukraine and speak on behalf of everyone," noted Taras Shevchenko, a director of the Media Law Institute and a member of the Board of the RPR initiative.

Trying to speak with citizens about very specific things, this time the conversation was about tools to help make public funds use transparent and bring the country closer to the full elimination of corruption.

AdobePhotoshopExpress af52edbe4afb428a896ef385199f474b"Our main task is to ensure the most efficient use of public funds and provide the public with an effective tool to control them. In our view, the successful implementation of the Law of Ukraine "On the open use of public funds," which we are currently working on, will become such a tool. The law provides for creating a unified website, which will present all expenditures and revenues of the country. Anyone could be able to check it in real-time and analyse all costs of over 11,000 budgets, 15,000 state and municipal enterprises," emphasized Victor Mazyarchuk, an expert of the RPR Public Finance group.