"Youth Policies in Ukraine: Partnership and Development Prospects" forum held 28-29 August 2019 in Vinnytsia

More than 70 representatives of local authorities, youth centers and NGOs have discussed how best to coordinate cooperation in the youth policy field, and exchanged best practices in youth policy in Ukraine at the Vinnytsia Youth Policy in Ukraine forum " Youth Policies in Ukraine: Partnership and Development Prospects," which was held in Vinnytsia the 28-29 August 2019.

“The effectiveness of youth policy in Ukraine depends to a large extent on the coordination of actions between the state executive bodies, local government and youth centres,” UNDP expert Anna Ostrykova stressed. “It is essential to constantly upgrade the professional level of youth workers, who work with young people on a daily basis. That is why UNDP has been supporting the all-national Youth Worker Program since 2014. This program has become a bridge between the state sector and civil society in implementing youth policy.”

Zakhar Tkachuk, the director of Volyn Youth Center, stressed the importance of getting young people involved in shaping their own future.

“The Sustainable Development Goals cannot be achieved without youth engagement,” Tkachuk said. “Young people should understand their role in building a democratic, inclusive society, and should be able to implement appropriate initiatives in cooperation with state bodies, the media, and active citizens.”