"The Human Rights Weekend" in Chernihiv

23% of Ukrainians believe that after the Revolution of Dignity the human rights situation has somehow improved according to the UNDP research.

At the same time, almost 35% emphasize that the human rights situation has worsened, and about 28% of population assume that no significant changes has happened since then.

Approximately 60% of respondents noted existing problem of discrimination, while 40% confessed that they have been discriminated

“Violation of the freedom of peaceful gatherings, creation of the artificial barriers to freedom of expression, gender-based violence – those are just a few challenges for human rights defenders in Ukraine nowadays," stresses Lubov Halan, the Center for Civil Liberties.

Today, "The Human Rights Weekend" is taking place in Chernihiv, North Ukraine. The event is being organized by the Center for Civil Liberties with the UNDP support.

"Civic activists from Chernihiv region will learn about human rights-based approach in the civil society organizations’ activities.  And local law enforcement officers will get to know how to better protect the fundamental freedoms of citizens in their daily activities", shares insights about the event Lubov Halan.