CEDAW: #TimeisNow for Ukraine

In Ukraine, women earn 25% less than men. Women are more likely to face age or sex discrimination in the labor market. The problem of gender-based violence also needs to be addressed, because no significant progress in this regard has been achieved.

That’s why the recommendations of the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women (#CEDAW) can become an effective tool to ensure the rights and freedoms of women both at national and regional level", - emphasizes Ella Lamakh, Chairwoman of the Board at the Center of Democracy’s Development.

Today, civic activists from Chernihiv oblast are learning how to develop advocacy campaigns with inclusion of gender politics, women's and girls' rights at the training, organized by the Center of Democracy’s Development under the UNDP support. The next step for participants of the training will be implementation of campaigns, aimed at inclusion of #CEDAW recommendations into local policies.

#IWD2018 #SDG8 #WomensRights are #HumanRights.

#TimesUp, #TimeisNow for less talk, more action for #EqualRights #WomensDay