Sharing best practices of youth work will support creation of positive changes in local communities

One of the priorities of the Ministry of Youth and Sports of Ukraine in cooperation with the United Nations Development Program is creation of an environment, where young people can have their voices heard.

Youth influencing policy- and decision-making both at local and national level, - emphasized Oleksandr Yarema, First Deputy Minister of Youth and Sports, at the press-conference on presentation of 10 winning practices of youth work. “The contest of the Best Practices of Youth Work, which was conducted in Ukraine for the first time, proved that the youth work in our country is very diverse and is becoming more and more powerful”, - added Oleksandr Yarema.

The contest of the Best Practices of Youth Work was organized by the Ministry of Youth and Sports of Ukraine in cooperation with the United Nations Development Program and the State Institute of Family and Youth Policies. Best Practice of Youth Work refers to project, program, activity or initiative in the youth field with positive practical results.

10 winning practices have been chosen, while 63 practices have been compiled into printed and electronic version of the Catalogue of the Best Practices of Youth Work. All in all, 100 practices of youth work from different regions of Ukraine were submitted both from state authorities and civil society sector.

“Young people are our partners in the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals. Their knowledge and innovative solutions are essential if the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development is to be realized in local communities’’, - stressed Olena Ursu, Coordinator of the UNDP project “Civil Society for Enhanced Democracy and Human Rights in Ukraine”, financially supported by the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs. 52% of youth is ready to take part in lives of local communities, 12% are already implementing changes in their communities, and only 13% feel they are not ready to make changes. ‘’Decentralisation offers abundant opportunities for young people to implement diverse initiatives in the fields of democracy and human rights, and such a high number of motivated youth is a good and promising indicator. Also, sharing best practices will definitely inspire and help youth across Ukraine transform local communities from within in the field of democracy and human rights, starting from today. Those are examples of the effective cooperation with the youth, aiming at development of the creative potential of youth people and youth’s involvement in the lives of local communities’’, - concluded Olena Ursu.