Participatory Democracy for Young People

“To make democracy work, we must be a nation of participants, not simply observers”, - stressed American writer Louis L'Amour. 20 youth workers from all regions of Ukraine took part in the three-day training "Participatory Democracy", held this weekend in Kyiv.

"At the training, youth workers gained necessary competencies to support participation of the young people in political and public life. Participants learnt of the public policy formulation process, and the ways of engaging young people into its development and implementation. They also practiced how to initiate and launch a successful advocacy campaign. I hope that the voices of Ukrainian youth will be heard, and their ideas will be implemented in local communities", - emphasized the coach Andriy Donets.

Youth workers also work with the adolescents and young people, who have not yet obtained the right to vote and take part in the elections. And, at this module, youth workers will learn about traditional and digital instruments of engaging young people, starting from age of 14, into the social and political life.

Training "Participatory Democracy" will be included into the specialized program "Youth Worker" from 2018 onwards.