“To do list” for Ukrainian civil society

On 29 and 30 November 2016 the annual forum for civil society development took place in Kiev which was dedicated to the theme "Changing. Influencing. Uniting". The Forum which is usually the biggest national event for the public sector brought together a record number of participants – about 1,300 representatives from Ukraine, the US and the EU, charities and NGOs, donor institutions, state and local authorities, businessmen and journalists. It was supported by UNDP together with other bilateral donors.

1647576352353656878One of the main objectives of the Forum is to support forming the trends for civil society development. According to the ideas and thoughts expressed during the Forum and its side events, civil society organizations (CSOs) must achieve the following goals in order to build and establish a national and united civil socety in Ukraine:

1. Promote rule of law, freedom, democracy, basic human rights, social solidarity and respect for human dignity as a set of values that serves as a benchmark for the entire society in Ukraine;
2. Invest time and energy in building stable institutions that work based on democratic procedures, accountability, and transparency. Adopt and implement procedures and mechanisms for long-term and systematic problem-solving and implementating CSOs' missions;
3. Ensure sustainability of civil society's initiatives by increasing social capital, involving a wide range of supporters and volunteers, and building a broad range of fundraising strategies;
4. Create networks and coalitions to unite efforts and experiences;
909890547642343874986045. Continue to shape the reform agenda of the state. Strengthen civil society's influence at all stages of the reform process: from preparation of qualitative analysis and development of draft regulations to lobbying, monitoring performance, and assisting implementation. Tirelessly increase public participation in decision-making processes;
6. Fight corruption while remain a crucial player on this field. Seize the opportunity to use e-platforms and promote it. Being aware of the crucial role of independent media in the fight against corruption, support the formation of "public broadcasting";
7. Address the causes and consequences of the conflict in eastern Ukraine. Actively promote dialogue, support integration of IDPs in their new host communities, and make use of the "cultural diplomacy". Liaise and assist CSOs in occupied Crimea;
8. Increase professionalism and expand opportunities for intersectoral collaboration;
375834753746156249203445634899. Work with the community and for the community. Promote and advertise new life practices - environmentally conscious behaviour with "zero tolerance" to populism, corruption, and paternalism. Support and develop civic education.

The Fifth Civil Society Development Forum is a unique national platform for discussing key standards and practices in the civil society organizational development sphere, with the objective to promote a capacity development culture among Ukrainian CSOs. Organized by ISAR Ednannya since 2012, it is supported by UNDP through the Democratization, Human Rights and Civil Society Development Project and the Strengthening Small and Medium Enterprises Business Membership Organizations Project.

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