Journalists learn how to work with e-declarations registry

Kyiv, 18 November 2016 - Over 35 media representatives learned new IT applications for journalists' work with the e-declarations system at a workshop organized by UNDP in collaboration with the "Media Detector" NGO.

gyudgfudghid7865897The officials' declarations electronic system with an open API (application programming interface) provides significant new opportunities for journalists. The workshop was a great opportunity to get journalists to share their practical experience with the e-declarations database and its applications as well as talk to experts who specialize in the processing of data from the registry of e-declarations.

Dmytro Chaplynskyi, an expert of the "Kantseliarska Sotnia" ("The Clerical Hundred") NGO, presented to journalists a review of the first experience of creating and using IT applications to work with the registry of e-declarations.

He stressed that the new system of e-declarations has such handy tools for journalists as full-text search, filtering capabilities, and availability of different formats of declarations. During the workshop, journalists got tips on setting up filters to search the registry. Also, Mr. Chaplynskyi made an overview of newly created tools and services such as a chatbot for Telegram messenger, a plugin for Chrome and Internet resources with records of e-declarations "People's NACP", "Slovo i Dilo" ("Words and Deeds").

Dmytro Kotlyar, an anti-corruption expert, described quantitative indicators of the first wave of submitting declarations. As per him, 103,000 declarations for 2015 were submitted on time, another 3,000 declarations were submitted after 30 October, and 20,000 declarations have been corrected. Also, Mr. Kotlyar answered journalists' questions about legal requirements for the second wave of filing e-declarations in 2017.

During the second wave of disclosing assets, some 800,000 more officials will be required to declare their assets by April next year.

This initiative is implemented by UNDP's Enhanced Public Sector Transparency and Integrity Project funded by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark.