Officials’ assets are now publicly disclosed via new e-declaration system

Ukrainian officials have declared their incomes and assets via open online system for the first time in the country's history.

630 360 1477650633-5807Kyiv, 30 October 2016 – Developed with UNDP support e-declaration system for officials' assets has brought its first results. Today, over 100,000 public officials disclosed their own wealth and their families' possessions.

According to the new electronic asset declaration system, an official is obliged to declare a wide range of assets – real estate, construction in progress, valuable movable and immovable property, securities, corporate rights, intangible assets, and legal entities whose ultimate beneficiary is the subject of the declaration or the members of his/her family.

It is a considerable step forward in Ukraine's anti-corruption efforts. "It became clear that what is happening in Ukraine is a real breakthrough in reforms, especially in the extremely important fight against corruption," emphasized Janthomas Hiemstra, UNDP Country Director in Ukraine. "However, the e-declaration is only the first step. What comes after is maybe even more difficult. But the United Nations will stand behind Ukraine in these next steps."

UNDP in Ukraine has been a reliable partner of Government in its drive for boosting transparency and curbing corruption. Bringing Ukraine into compliance with international standards, UNDP has supported Government in developing the 2014 anti-corruption legislative package and operationalizing the anti-corruption strategy for 2015-2017.

Among other things, UNDP advocated for a prompt and smooth launch of the National Agency for Corruption Prevention (NACP). Moreover, UNDP assisted NACP in developing and passing the whole package of bylaws and regulations to launch e-declaration system. Upon the request of Government and NACP, UNDP has commissioned the development of a searchable online database of declared officials' assets, now available for the public.

The next step will be a second wave of disclosing assets by at least 500,000 more public servants who are obliged to disclose their wealth by April next year.

The initiative is implemented by UNDP's Enhanced Public Sector Transparency and Integrity, funded by Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs.