The bold 15. Top officials test e-declaration system, hope it will run as a full-fledged system soonest

Fifteen high-ranking officials, including MPs, ministers, and deputy ministers, took part in the Early Birds of E-Declaration campaign aimed at raising citizens' awareness about the launch of e-declaration system via public testing of the online system and media coverage of the process.

cover 002765987597Additionally, the campaign, which lasted from 13 June to 10 August, endeavored to determine the most common questions that arise in the minds of the first declarants in order to prepare adequate clarifications.

Ivan Presniakov, Head of UNDP's Enhanced Public Sector Transparency and Integrity Project, said: "We demonstrated the process of submitting e-declarations and provided legal advice regarding the matter. We witnessed reactions of the future declarants – public officials – and occurring questions. Some of these questions spurred our experts to develop profound explanations, which were later perfected and adopted officially by NACP on 16 July. Moreover, participants publicly shared their experiences with the system on their social networking pages or in the media. They often changed their Facebook cover photos to the campaign's logo – a swallow that carries a declaration in its beak."

11155158 797199967034485 8410951419755626983 o 0026858686857MP Svitlana Zalishchuk became one of the first participants of the campaign. Particularly, she wrote on her page: "First impressions. It's totally awesome. Technology won't hide declarations of the chosen few [...]. This is a new era for the relationships between government and society. People will gain more efficient control over MPs and public officials. Consequently, this would lead to the increased level of trust towards politicians."

A range of influential TV channels such as Channel 5, Espreso TV, and 1+1 showed reports about public officials, testing the new e-declaration system.
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