UNDP-organised webinar unveils theory of change application for CSOs

Kyiv, 20-21 July 2016 – UNDP in Ukraine organized webinars for civil society organisations from Belarus, Moldova, and Ukraine to help them understand, practice, and apply the theory of change thinking when designing immediate and longer-term programme activities.

computer-768696 960 720The theory of change is a technique used to map out and explore how activities lead to changes for individuals and communities. The theory of change can support strategic planning, marketing and be used as a basis for evaluating development programmes. In case of the Regional Programme, it also aims to support gender mainstreaming efforts of the partner CSOs by helping them ensure that gender perspectives and attention to the goal of gender equity are central to all activities.
The introductory webinars (one in English and one in Russian) served as a preparatory stage for the forthcoming workshop on the theory of change, which will take place in Chisinau (Moldova) in September this year. In course of the webinar, the consultants from inFocus (the UK) introduced the concept of theory of change for the participants, guided through the Problem Tree technique as one of the methods for mapping and presenting social problems, discussed an agenda of the upcoming workshop and a short worksheet on problem mapping, the participants were asked to complete ahead of the workshop.
The webinar is held in the framework of the Regional Programme on Democratisation, Human Rights and Civil Society Development for Ukraine, Moldova and Belarus, funded by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark.