Government to launch e-asset declaration system on 15 August: one-month countdown starts today

The United Nations Development Programme in Ukraine takes note of high-level commitments by Ukrainian Government partners to ensure effective work of the National Agency for Corruption Prevention and timely launch of the comprehensive electronic asset declaration system.

These intentions were reconfirmed throughout the official meeting on 13 July 2016 at the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine.

As noted at that meeting and officially stated earlier on throughout the year, the electronic system for asset declarations submission, verification and publication is to be deployed on 15 August 2016. UNDP welcomes plans for the timely launch and is glad to see efforts allotted to this issue, which has been receiving support from international development partners and attention of the civil society.

Today, 15 July 2016, marks a one-month countdown to the system inauguration. Yet, some procedural work is still necessary to enable its timely operation. This includes, amongst others, state registration and publication of NACP regulations that outline the digital asset declaration template developed with due account of international expertise. In addition to that, there is need for prompt state certification of computer software and hardware architectures necessary for the system to run prior to the launch date.

As a partner of the Ukrainian Government in building a robust system of corruption prevention and deterrence for the country, UNDP Ukraine stands by its commitments to continue its assistance for designing and implementing high-impact interventions that can lead to true progress in Ukraine’s democratic governance. As such, UNDP closely monitors the situation surrounding the expected start-up of the electronic asset declaration system in mid-August 2016.