Young Changemakers Brainstorm on Making Progress Towards SGDs

How young people can advocate for equal opportunities both for women and men? Could youth help to integrate displaced people in their communities?  Are civic activists able to contribute to creating more workplaces? 

The answer is definitely: Yes! Active youth from different regions of Ukraine brainstormed their ideas, and elaborated on concrete plan of actions on how to make a real progress towards reaching the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in their communities.

As per participants, local Ukrainian communities face numerous challenges related to decent jobs (SDG 8), gender equality (SDG 5), integration of displaced persons into active community lives (SDG 16), outdated methods of teaching at school (SDG 4), gap between poor and rich (SDG 10).

42.4% of young people believe that the youth themselves should solve youth problems in the country. But only 25% of youth are actually working on that. Increased youth involvement into local policy- and decision-making in regard to the Sustainable Development Goals in one of the UNDP’s priorities.

The #GlobalGoalsJam 2017 gathers change-makers globally for 2 days to create action plans towards reaching long-term goals, starting from today.  This year the event is organized in Ukraine by the UNDP in partnership with UN WOMEN, UNV, and Ministry of Youth and Sports of Ukraine within the Sustainable Development Goals Week.

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