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In which way does evaluation help to make government more open and accountable?

How does evaluation help to make the government more open and accountable?

Author: Volodymyr Kuprii, First Vice Head at The Public Service National Agency of Ukraine

Collaboration with the civil society and the stakeholders is a vital component of the state authorities’ performance. They include, in the first place, receiving feedback, monitoring public reaction to the current policies, ensuring transparency and openness of activities of the state institutions.

The first step toward improving the interaction of a governmental institution with wider public may be introducing evaluation of its activities in the respective sphere.

By joint effort of representatives of the Ukrainian civil society and the Government with UNDP support, a pilot methodology was developed and tested for evaluating efficiency of the interaction of an executive body (a ministry, agency, etc.) with wider public.

The assessment methodology is based on the understanding that the interaction with the wider public takes place at four levels: information, consultations, dialogue and partnership.

At each of these levels, the state authority initiates and leads a three-stage process: planning-action-outcomes.

More information on the methodology is available in the brochure.