Another step closer: e-declarations system commissioned by UNDP upon request of NACP and Government transferred to authorities

The electronic system of asset declaration submission, storage and verification, developed by UNDP upon request of the National Agency on Corruption Prevention, is officially taken on board and final preparations for launch are ongoing.

20160727So noted Natalia Korchak, Head of the Agency at the Cabinet of Ministers session on 27 July 2016.
She stated that as of today, all necessary regulatory documents that enable the launch of the e-system had been officially registered by the Ministry of Justice and published, and the software for filing the declarations was fully delivered and awaiting certification from the State Service of Special Communication and Information Protection of Ukraine. She also reconfirmed the deadline for the official system launch that was expected for 15 August 2016.
In addition to development of the system and registration of documents required, NACP and UNDP were co-organizing a series of trainings to increase awareness of public officials – future declarants – about the peculiarities of the system and to build their skills for good-faith completion of due electronic forms starting from mid-August and onwards throughout the 60-day declaration period, she emphasized.
For those who would like to try out the new system and test it in real-life mode, UNDP and NACP launched a namesake resource at It allows users to test all aspects of the new system in a mode identical to the actual declaration process that will start after the official system launch.
"This was a thorny path – notes Yuliya Shcherbnina of UNDP Ukraine – and only concerted efforts of the Cabinet leadership, the Ministry of Justice, the National Agency and UNDP Ukraine made this result possible. We are at the threshold of the timely launch of the asset declaration system scheduled for 15 August and hope that in that same vein we will have fruitful collaboration with the State Service of Special Communication and Information Protection, and the system will see its due certification completed".