Human rights must be mainstreamed in all policies – Blerta Cela, UNDP

As of today, Ukraine has completed implementation of the Action Plan on Implementation of the Human Rights Strategy by 29%, a monitoring conducted by 11 civil society organizations concludes. Human rights defenders recommend to introduce changes into the Action Plan to streamline human rights protection and improve coordination between the state bodies.

“Decentralization opens up new opportunities to innovate public services” - Osnat Lubrani

On 5 December 2018 over 500 representatives of ACs learned of efficient ways of cooperating with civil society and engaging people into decision-making at the Third Forum of Amalgamated Communities.

DREAM 3:0 Projected Impact: Civil society activists brainstorm ways to bring the Ukrainian dream closer

Kyiv, 29 November 2018 – Some 1,400 civil society organisations and 2,186 activists from all regions of Ukraine shared the best and most innovative ways to bring about reform and change their local communities for the better at the seventh Civil Society Development Forum.

Monitoring and evaluation for the civil society organizations

On 13-14 November 2018 in Lutsk city, 14 representatives of CSO-hubs ‘Volyn Institute of Law’ & ‘Modern Format’ learnt how boost capacities of their organizations by developing monitoring and evaluation system.

“To voice IDP issues, not to keep silent, is something crucial”

“The first stage in advocacy work is when we raise the issue, pluck it from obscurityor silence,” says Tetiana Durnyeva, GRUPA VPLYVU, civil society organization (CSO). “Our task is not just to bring the attention of decision-makers to the issue but also of those directly affected by infringement.”

Best Practices of Youth Work and the Second All-Ukrainian Youth Workers’ Forum

On 5-7 November 2018, the Second All-Ukrainian Forum of Youth Workers and the awarding ceremony for the winners of 2018 Contest of the Best Practices of Youth Work took place in Dnipro city.